Updated: 8/26/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Steph and her friend Macy consider the difference behind truth and belief, and where morals truly come from, while waiting for the bus.
  • Do you think that morals come from belief or opinion?
  • I think that if your morals are based on opinion, your morals would differ person to person
  • So morals must be consistent for them to be considered morals?
  • Belief is based off a true statement, and a personal belief and justification behind the statement. Your morals should equally be supported the same way.
  • That is my belief because, if morals could be inconsistent, and based off an opinion, racism, and inequality is created.
  • I think some people are taught a lack of morality, and therefore allow their opinions to influence what they consider to be their beliefs.
  • Right, which is why unfortunately, issues in society and injustices still exist. Individuals lack familial influence, and love, which builds morality.