Updated: 3/23/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Getting ready.
  • you lookso pretty!
  • The wedding.
  • i do
  • i do
  • why does everybody love them?
  • Gifts.
  • thank you so much!
  • Aphrodite was getting Ceani the goddess of air ready for the wedding,adding little flowers into her silky blonde hair.
  • Flammias evil scheme.
  • Ceani and Caelem were saying there vowels, Flammia the goddess of fire was jelous of Ceani and Caelem because everyone loved them . as Flammia was sitting in the back of the garden she began to plot her evil scheme.
  • The girl.
  • i shall name you nebula the latin word for mist
  • as Ceani and caelem were receiving presents from other Greek gods and goddesses, Flammia ran out of the wedding, grasping a woven basket close to her chest.
  • Rain.
  • goodbye, nebula!
  • Flammia arrived at her cave she opened up her woven picnic basket and grabbed the particle of air and piece of the sky that she had stolen from Ceani and Caelem and put them in her cauldron and stirred and stirred.Suddenly out of the smoke appeared a teenage girl with black frizzy hair.
  • the girl was sent to go attack Ceani and caelem as sheattacked them Ceani hypnotized her and made her become calm, her hair changing as well as her dress.
  • Caelem rose his hand into the air and made it rain theslight droplets of water dripping down Flammia face turning her into coal for the rest of eternity, as nebula floated into the sky and became what we call tooday clouds.