The Cobra Event
Updated: 3/10/2021
The Cobra Event

Storyboard Text

  • FEDs?? It couldn't be! I'm turning around
  • Will! Please talk to me, Will! Will!
  • Hello? Alice? We're hot! I think we've gone hot in here!
  • Get away! Stupid rat! Eat that.
  • Yaaaaaahhh!
  • Tom Cope sees Alice and Will standing outside of his apartment just as he is above to leave with his weapons loaded and timed. He suspects something is weird as Alice and Will stare at him which forces him to become paranoid and walk back into his apartment. Alice and Will notice him and stare as they see him holding his black leather bag full of weapons.
  • You are under arrest. You are charged with murder.
  • FBI *****
  • ...Arrest... You... power.
  • Don't... Alice.
  • Alice tries to find her way out after an explosion had just gone off. This had separated her and Will meaning she had no light to guide her. She feels around the tunnel and touches Tom. Tom, then, fires his gun at her, but luckily he misses both shots. In the vent lies Will where he is trapped.
  • Down! Get down! He left one back--
  • Will tries to find his escape route after he had fell upside down into a dead-end vent. He sees a door shaft and opens it to find one of Tom's bombs. He tips over the bomb and spills the virus, but a rat comes and almost eats it. As a plead, Will gives the rat a cookie, but the timer goes off exploding the area the rat was in.
  • Will is able to get out of the vent and lands himself in the tunnel where Alice is hiding and Tom is shooting. Will gets shot by the virus-tipped bullets as Alice topples over him. Just as she is about to kill him with the gun, Will says "No" and shows he was protected by the bullet-proof vest he was wearing. Alice then arrests Tom for all charges against him.
  • Try again, sir. I'm a public health doctor
  • Need to... charge.
  • Oscar and the SWAT come to Alice's and Will's side as they hold Tom. Mark is then seen running down the tunnel yelling for everyone to get down as one of Tom's unfound bombs was about to go off. Just before Littleberry finishes his sentence, the bomb goes off and rips his suit. Hopkins is then seen crying as he knows what will happen to Littleberry.
  • As days passed after Alice's and Will's quartine, random cases of Cobra appeared in NYC. Scientists and CDC investigators tested the rats in the area and found that some were positive for Cobra. Although the origin of their infection will never be known, it is known that Cobra has found its new host: rats. Cobra is now waiting for an opportunity to resurface while hibernating and growing in the generations of rats.