Updated: 2/10/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Reason Settlement:
  • Problems in Jamestown
  • I won't work i'm a upper class man.
  • My solution
  • You have to work also or else you won't get any gold once we find the gold.
  • time travel box
  • The Jamestown Colony was discovered to expand Englands territory, search for gold and riches, and earn money by growing crops ( later they make money from growing tobacco).
  • In Jamestown the upper class people (richer people) didn't want to work and just wanted the money. While the lower class people (poor people) did all the work. This continued until John Smith put the upper class people by saying if you don't work no food for you.
  • I would make sure they didn't get food or gold if they didn't work and i would give more food to the lower class people.