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Updated: 5/12/2020
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Storyboard Text

  • Did you guys see the new releases from Athletico it looks amazing
  • yeah it looks awesome
  • I wonder what Athletico is?
  • I love your new shirt it looks so cool
  • thanks, it was so cheap too
  • I wish I knew what they were talking about
  • Harry has just recently moved from out of town and found a new group of friends
  • Ohhh, its a clothing brand
  • He always tries to be involved in the conversation but they were always talking about Athletico and he had no idea what it was
  • now i'll fit in and have these awesome new clothes to wear
  • He constantly felt left out
  • Cool shirt!!
  • Thanks guys
  • Harry decided to search up what Athletico was and found these awesome new clothes for a fantastic price
  • Harry decided to go to the store and get himself some new Athletico clothes so he could show off to his friends next time he saw them
  • His friends complemented him on his new clothes and he now never feels left out whenever the newest Athletico apparel hits the shelves.