Unit 5
Updated: 2/25/2020
Unit 5

Storyboard Text

  • School entrance
  • E block classroom
  • Who's completed unit 5?
  • Courtyard
  • This is where we capture students coming into school as well as having a view of the reception.
  • Foyer
  • Classroom and we will capture the moment students are doing their work. As well as what an IT classroom in WMSF looks like.
  • Canteen
  • Students hang out in the courtyard when it is break and lunch but also when they have a free period. So we will capture when students are hanging out.
  • Library
  • Students and teachers use this so we will capture the description of our foyer so that potential students would know what the place is used for.
  • The canteen is used by students and teachers when it is break time and lunch time so they will have a place to eat.
  • The library is used by students so that they can complete any work that they have and also study for their exams.