The Story Behind The Goody Bags
Updated: 5/19/2020
The Story Behind The Goody Bags

Storyboard Description

This is a little comic strip I made to explain why there is a CD and mask in your goody bag. I hope you enjoy it!

Storyboard Text

  • School had been out for a month, and to be honest, I missed it. I longed for the day to see and talk to my friends and experience a classroom setting again. So, I decided to find out if things were starting turn around in Covid-America yet.
  • I had never realized how terrible things were until watching personal stories of those who weren't fortunate. I felt that I needed to do something more than just stay home.
  • Everyone needs to stay home. People are dying because there are no more empty beds. Doctors on the front line are dying and I can't see my kids. But I dedicated my life to saving others and I'm proud of what I do.
  • After thinking it over for a while, I decided that I should record piano music onto a CD and make masks from cloth to gift to people in my community. Before the outbreak, I used to volunteer at the continuing care center at my local hospital. I just knew patients there would enjoy listening to some piano music.
  • Classical music seemed like the perfect genre to record; it's cheery and suitable to play in the background while doing an indoor activity or resting. I practiced for hours trying to play the songs just right.
  • Even though learning how to sew wasn't easy, making masks was fun. It felt so good knowing that I will be helping my community in my own way with every stitch I made.
  • I enjoyed making the CD and the masks, and I hope you like them too! Now it's your time to help the community out. Use one of your skills and make it beneficial to others. And above all, remember to stay healthy and be safe!