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Unknown Story
Updated: 2/22/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Okay.
  • Charlie I need you to keep writing reports.
  • Ms.K will I ever get smart.
  • Yes you will it will just take time.
  • Charlie is upset because he doesn't know what to think about so he says what do smart people think about and that is fancy things from what he think. Dr.Strauss arrives and he tells Charlie to keep writing reports but he told Charlie that he was spelling "progris riport" wrong and charlie remember how to spell it.
  • There are more than one answer but my answer is ......
  • Dr. Nemur what does I.Q mean.
  • Ms.Kinnian and Charlie meet up again at the lab and when she looked at him she looked glad but scared. Charlie said don't worry he's not smart yet and she laughed. Ms. Kinnian is not worried about it she has faith in him.
  • Umm, okay.
  • Charlie don't go into there.
  • Ms.Kinnian I think you're very beautiful.
  • Charlie knows that he is getting smarter everyday, he knows punctuation and he know how to spell. Charlie likes to read and Ms.Kinnian says he read very fast. Charlie so call friends were not his friends they laughed at him and made fun of him. When Charlie I.Q of 68 triples he hope people will stop making fun of him and start being nice.
  • Aww thanks Charlie.
  • Charlie is not sure what an I.Q is. Dr.Nemur said is was something that measured how smart you are. Dr.Strauss highly disagreed he said an I.Q showed how much intelligence you could get, like numbers on the outside of measuring cups. Charlie went to ask someone else what it meant and he said they were both wrong, but Charlie had to promise not to tell them.
  • The doctors told charlie not to go into the room because Algernon died due to the side effect from the operation. Charlie did not obey them and he went into there anyway and he was sad. Charlie then realizes that he can also die so he stop talking to everyone.
  • Ms.Kinnian tries to cheer Charlie up from Algernon death. Charlie starts to notice how beautiful Ms.Kinnian is. From the first time he met her he thought she was an unreachable genius. Ms.Kinnian says Charlie is a better reader than she is it takes him a glance to read a page and it takes her a few lines.
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