indivisuals task
Updated: 12/2/2020
indivisuals task

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  • the bubonic plague was an awful disease. it ruined most of our lives. many people were infected and most of them died. it was a depressed time. we were all worried and devastated. as king, i was completely worried about my kingdon. what couldve happened to it?
  • the bubonic plague was the commonest form of plague in humans, characterized by fever, delirium, and the formation of buboes. my family and i were stuck at home, worried on what would happen. since we were all hurdled around each other, if someone got it, we would've all gotten it, so we tried our hardest to keep a distance between us.
  • as a knight, i am supposed to fight for our kingdom. but in this situation, there's no way im fighting! its been a really hard time for me recently. Many of my relatives have dies during the plague. it was a horrible time!
  • living far away from villages hadn't affected a thing, as many people pass by our house at all times! so we have a higher risk of getting the plague! it wasn't a good time at all! everyone was scared for themselves, and so was I!
  • the plague was a horrible time for me and my family. my father and so as my sister had the plague. so we had to separate. we went to another quiet part of the kingdom, which was a good decision, since nobody lived there!
  • as you can see, most of us live different lives. thats what makes the kingdom special in its own ways. some of us arent completely happy with feudalism but some are. in the end everything changes over time, and we hope we could be happier in the future!