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Updated: 7/30/2020
Unknown Story

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  • The First Crusade
  • The Second Crusade
  • The Third Crusade
  • The First Crusade (1095-1099): The First Crusade was the most successful. Armies from Europe drove out the Turks and took control of Jerusalem.
  • The Fourth Crusade
  • The Second Crusade (1147-1149): In 1146 the city of Edessa was conquered by the Turks. The entire population was killed or sold into slavery. Then a second Crusade was launched, but was unsuccessful.
  • The Fifth Crusade
  • The Third Crusade (1187-1192): In 1187 Saladin, the sultan of Egypt, recaptured the city of Jerusalem from the Christians. A third Crusade was launched led by Emperor Barbarossa of Germany, King Philip Augustus of France, and King Richard the Lionheart of England. Richard the Lionheart fought Saladin for several years. In the end he could not conquer Jerusalem, but he did win the right for pilgrims to visit the holy city once again.
  • The Sixth Crusade
  • The Fourth Crusade (1202-1204): The Fourth Crusade was formed by Pope Innocent III with the hope of taking back the Holy Land. However, the Crusaders got sidetracked and greedy and ended up conquering and plundering Constantinople instead.
  • Crusades Five through Nine (1217 - 1272): Over the next several years there would be 5 more Crusades. None of them would be very successful in terms of gaining control of the Holy Land.
  • The Sixth Crusade was led by Louis IX of France. After invading Egypt and capturing Damietta, he was defeated at Mansural and taken prisoner. He was released for ransom and in return gave up Damietta