Updated: 11/5/2018
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  • When i drink my energy drink before work i tend to move faster. When my vapors (water vapors) get warmer and less dense than the air surrounding it, it evaporates.
  • The sun is one of the main sources that drives the earths water cycle. I am about to go to work and when i am up there i am going to be a gas. It is called flying but you guys might call it evaporation.
  • hello i am mr. Aqua. I am a going to be showing you what my daily routine is. First i fly up in to the clouds from the suns warmth. 
  • Right now i am in the clouds. This is condensation (also know as my work desk). Tons of us work here that is why it is the main office. Sense all of us work here we form a cloud. (Clan Laughter original universal droplets). As my vapors cool they condense. This changes me from a gas back to a liquid. Tons of my specie form a cloud.
  • i am precipitation also know as my break time. Right now i am at Starbucks getting my coffee. It is pretty full in here and i think this place is about to explode. Its weird how the workers (rain, snow, sleet and hail fall from gravity. Gravity is something that drives Earths water cycle too. If this happens we usually just run down or run off the hill.
  • Right now i am doing my sprits also known as run off. I am going with the force of gravity which is helping a lot. After all of that is done i go in to a lake or an ocean. But some precipitation soaks in to the ground which is ground water run off.
  • infiltration aka my shower is when i get to go in to the earths surface. I fill open spaces of air in the soil and rock. I infiltrate because of the force of gravity, but when i hit a solid layer i transform in to ground water
  • Transpiration is the evaporation of us from plants. The plant takes us from its roots and when the air temp. rises plants begin transpiring. All of us that are unused turn in to water vapor. Plus it is my bedtime so thanks for seeing my daily routine. Goodnight.
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