English Storyboard assignment
Updated: 1/17/2020
English Storyboard assignment
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  • (September 3rd 1903) Mr. and Mrs. Exeter were lucky enough to have given birth to their first baby boy. The boy had the same name as his father, Lawrence Exeter Junior. Making his dad newly named Lawrence Exeter Senior. Junior was Born in Hollywood hospital with the support of Doctor David M. McCoy
  • Lawrence Exeter Junior was spoiled by his family his whole childhood, Junior always got the toys and food whenever he wanted. His father (Lawrence Exeter Senior) decided to buy him a Cadillac for his 18th birthday (September 3rd 1921) . With Juniors reckless driving, he crashed his Cadillac only four days after purchase. His father payed for repairs.
  • After many years of saving and thought, the Exeter family decided to purchase land from Riviera Heights and Land Co. on August 11th 1926. With the future construction of a new house, Lawrence Exeter Senior felt that he would most likely need someone to help around the house. This led to the payment of a new house maid by the name of Miss Daisy Windsor.
  • About three years down the road, Lawrence Exeter Junior runs into this gang mobster by the name of "Tony Spagoni" because of his jealousy towards Juniors wealth. Every seven to eight days, Tony Spagoni would find Junior and threaten to kill him if he did not pay $100-$200 weekly. This was essentially payment for Junior to keep his own life.
  • About two years later (June 20th 1931), the amount of money and stress Tony Spagoni was stealing from Lawrence Exeter Junior was starting to take a toll on him mentally. Junior always felt scared for his life, and found himself with very few people to trust. This led to Junior telling his father (Senior) about Tony Spagoni. Senior decided to hire four of the most professional hitman around to "take care" of Tony Spagoni for Juniors sake.
  • Around one month later (July 5th 1931) Tony Spagoni found out about the professional hitman that were hired to assassinate him. This enraged Tony Spagoni so he and a few of his other buddies, kidnapped Lawrence Exeter Junior for a couple of weeks so he could torture and strip away any money Junior had left without anyone knowing through the use of checks. He was found half starved to death, beaten, and mentally harassed (July 5th 1931). Lawrence Exeter Junior died (July 15th 1931) with the efforts of Doctor David McCoy attempting to keep him alive. (July 16th 1931) he was sent to the Hollywood Mortuary where he would be peacefully buried.
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