Story Mountain Project part 1 George Washington Socks
Updated: 6/8/2020
Story Mountain Project part 1 George Washington Socks
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  • Exposition
  • Katie
  • Matt  Hooter
  • Tony
  • Q
  • Climax
  • Emit Levart
  • Rising Action
  • The setting of the story is in Tony's Backyard. Matt has a meeting with the Adventure Club members Hooter, Tony and Q. His sister Katie wants to be apart of the club, so Matt lets her listen in.
  • It's Ok Temperance he is just a boy!
  • Katie wonders off and they found her standing at Levy Lake looking at a rowboat. They all seem to be hypnotized by this rowboat and decide to get in. Inside of the rowboat they all blacked out. When they woke up they were in the 17th century, found by Patriot soldiers who thought that they were spies during the Revolutionary War. A storm comes and they get separated.
  • Blackjack do you hear that?
  • Katie and Q get captured by 3 British working Hessians while Matt is with the Patriots and becomes friends with a young soldier named Israel. Israel is becoming sick as they trail behind and eventually dies from not being able to take the cold. Matt is later found by Mr. Hornbee and taken back to get some warmth and food.
  • Falling Action
  • After being cared for and given back his wet clothes from Mr Hornbee. Matt has to make his way back to find his friends. Temperance is not happy with Matt being in their home. Mr. Hornbee allows Matt to take his mule Blackjack to lead him down the trail back to the river.
  • Matt began his journey back towards the river to see if he could find his friends. Along the way in the dark he began to have conversations with Blackjack who every now and then would look back at Matt. He started to hear voices in the woods like voices and suddenly came 2 Indians standing in front of him on the trail.
  • To Matts surprise, he recognized the voice he heard which was Hooter. Then came Tony and he was happy to see them but wondered where was his sister Katie and Q. He asked them about Katie and Q and they explained to him that they were captured. Matt tried to figure out if the Indians may know where the Hessians are with his friends and they led them to find them.
  • Hooter!
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