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Remus and Romules
Updated: 9/19/2018
Remus and Romules
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Storyboard Text

  • Romuls and Remus were both sons of a king, the king was the God of Mars, but the king was afraid that they would over rule him so he put them in a basket in the Tiber River and thought that they would die.
  • Romuls and remus were found by a she - wolf she raised them and a wood pecker was the one who got food for them at times/
  • A sherpeard found the two boys and rescued them and raised them as his own.
  • Romules and Remus went out on their own to find were to settle. When they found the perfect place to build a city they both wanted to build it on different hills. Romules wanted to build it on the Palatine hill, and Remus wanted to build it on the aventine hill.
  • They waited for the Gods to awnser of where to settle but they both said they both won so they built there own city on both of their hills.
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