School UOI Orangutan comic strip
Updated: 12/10/2020
School UOI Orangutan comic strip

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  • 你在做什麼?我沒見過你。
  • 我在砍樹做棕櫚油。
  • 什麼是棕櫚油?
  • 棕櫚油是一種很便宜的植物油,它可以賣得很貴,可以賺很多錢的。這裏有很多棕櫚樹,可以做很多棕櫚油。
  • If I sell the palm oil to companies that make chips like Lays, biscuits like Oreo, and other soap and cosmetic companies, I can make a lot of money and earn a living. Indonesia is the only place with palm oil.
  • But you are cutting down the tress! My family and friends and many other animals live here. This is our home. Where are we going to live? Are we going to die? Also, you not only damaging our home but you are polluting the air, soil and water. You are also creating soil erosion. Then the climate will change and we will go extinct.
  • You said Indonesia is the only place you can find palm oil and orangatangs that means I have no where to live because the weather in other places are different. Is there another way you can earn money?
  • Oh, so if I make money from palm oil, you and your friends will not have a home. Pollution is also bad for the environment. But I won't have money to support my family. What should I do?
  • 我想到了!我可以做其他工作和告訴公司不要再做棕櫚油。如果我們不買那些用棕櫚油做的產品,那些公司就沒有工作做,就會想其他的辦法,你們就可以繼續在這裏生活。
  • 謝謝你,我和地球也很感激你!
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