Updated: 1/3/2021

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  • hush ! not a word! we are going for a walk
  • but what are you doing ! Let me go!
  • so Mr Kaplan, as we meet again. You wouldn't forget to give me the information!
  • I'm not Kaplan and what information are you talking about ?
  • the joke is very bad !
  • laugh
  • calm down, It's only my assistant Leonard who will give you a little taste!
  • but I don't want to drink!
  • oh but if you are going to drink!!
  • It worked! yes!
  • yes, I'm going to have a big sleep in the bed.
  • And I, who thought I was lucky not to have fallen off the cliff, get arrested by the police!
  • you are under arrest for drunk driving.
  • but of course you mostly drank! (laugh)
  • ok, but believe me I got kidnapped!
  • hurry and call your mother or your lawyer, It's very late.
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