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Updated: 4/19/2020
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  • "She hasn't looked very happy lately!"
  • "Not really... I didn't hurt my knee... Coach said he doesn't want to be seen with someone that has down syndrome on the team."
  • "Hey Haisley, I was wondering if you're ok! You've looked very upset lately."
  • "Omg... what do I do? I feel so bad"
  • "Coach said that he doesn't want to been seen with Haisley because she has down syndrome."
  • "Can you give me advice so I can make her feel better?"
  • "Mum... can I tell you something?"
  • "Ok thanks mum."
  • "Omg, poor thing. I will have to talk to the principle and her mum!"
  • "Yea of coarse, what's wrong?"
  • First of all make her feel comfortable and make sure that she knows that she is just like one of us. Try to get her mind off it too, play games and talk about fun stuff.
  • "Sounds great, I totally agree, I'll meet you at the school in the morning!"
  • "OMG, rlly... She hasn't said anything to me. I'll ask her now." She said that it's true!"
  • "Umm... well she has looked a little sad but she seems alright! How come?"
  • "Im sorry to hear that it's true. Maybe we could go to the principle and talk about it! Does tomorrow sound good?"
  • "Hey Lisa, I was just ringing to ask if Haisley has been acting up at home lately?"
  • Well, Bella told me that Haisley wasn't playing cause their coach said that he want's their normal players to play!"
  • "This is so inappropriate for a teacher to tell my daughter that she is not normal and she can't play sports."
  • "He must be fired he has really hurt my daughter and now she thinks that she can't do anything."
  • "Yes, let's go now!"
  • "Omg I had no idea we will talk to her coach."
  • "Yes, I will talk to him, don't worry. I am so sorry that he did this. I would've done something If i knew."
  • "You look so happy, I'm really happy for you."
  • "No problem, I'm glad she is ok now.!"
  • "Thanks, so much for telling me, I really appreciate it."
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