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Updated: 3/8/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Why was the James town built. What were there motivation to start the town
  • major problems James town came a cross.
  • What is same thing you found insisting about this James town
  • The reason that James town was built is to make Tabaco and in 1612 a guy named John Rolfe ship racked. John Rolfe helped Jamestown by using there settlements To make a profitable venture. John Rolfe interduces a new strain of Tabaco.
  • The first major problem was The lack of food they had and poor leader ship and hostile Indians.
  • 3 thing's I found interacting was The location of James town because there was a drouted lake near by I would of choose some were nicer and that there was a starvation time. and that there was a lot of Tabaco.