ugly people
Updated: 2/21/2020
ugly people

Storyboard Text

  • promise me I will be able to see you pretty.
  • Are we still friends
  • hey you want to be friends.
  • you want to go to the rusty ruins.
  • I'm not sure.
  • Tally breaks into new pretty town to go talk to Paris
  • What are you doing
  • This is how you contact David
  • after escaping the party she found Shay in the park
  • Why would you run away
  • I don't want to turn pretty
  • Shay try's to take Tally to the rusties to show her a roller coaster.
  • OK!
  • If you want to be pretty find your friend Shay
  • After Shay shows Tally the city she tells her about someone named David and try's to contact him with a flare
  • Just before Tally and Shay turn sixteen Shay tells Tally that she is going to run away and doesn't want to be pretty
  • Before Tally could turn pretty the specials tell her that if she wants to be pretty she has to find her friend Shay