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Storyboard for the Bread Winner
Updated: 2/19/2020
Storyboard for the Bread Winner
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Storyboard Text

  • Parvana
  • Shauzia
  • Nooria
  • Parvana is a person who would do anything for her family even when she doesn't want to she is also brave. One thing she did to show that was get water for her family when she didn't want to. She is brave by going out in public dressed like a boy and looks like a boy to help her family.
  • Mrs. Weera
  • Shauzia is selfish and brave. She is selfish by wanting to leave her family and move away from them. She is brave by making herself look like a boy and going out in public to help her family.
  • Maryam
  • Nooria is caring and can be mean. She is caring toward her family and takes care of them. She can be mean to Parvana by teasing her and saying she is better.
  • Mother
  • Mrs. Weera is helpful and caring. She is helpful when Parvana and her family need help. She is caring when a girl shows up with Parvana that needs help and Mrs. Weera helps her.
  • Maryam is nice and caring. She is nice when Parvana is sad or mad and will help her by making her happier. She is caring when her family isn't doing well.
  • Parvana's mother is brave and caring. She is brave by trying to attack the guards when they take Parvana's father away. She is caring by helping her family and going to Nooria's wedding with her.
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