thoo yooo
Updated: 3/13/2020
thoo yooo
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you dont need to know anything

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  • the deer has already noticed the dog and calculated his speed with distance divided by time so he knew he needed to run at 7 meters per second to escape.
  • The dogs speed is 6 meters per second because he is chasing the deer.
  • The rabbit was at a stop when he saw the dog and ran 20 meters west at 13 meter per second.
  • The duck was going 7 meters per second when he decreased to 1 meter per second in 5 seconds to land on the island shore.
  • The dog was walking at 3 mph when he stopped in 1 second to point at the rabbit at 0 mph .
  • The gator is the wise one that told the duck how to figure out his acceleration with final velocity minus initial velocity divided by time
  • The turkeys speed is 8 kmh as he is walking out of the woods.
  • He was walking beside the bank at 2 kmh when it took him 2 seconds to take a drink of water while barley walking at 1/2 kmh.
  • The bears speed is 15 mph because he noticed the person on the hill which spooked him.
  • The coons velocity is 2 meters per second south as he goes into the fence.
  • The rabbit knows that velocity is distance divided by time so he knew the coons velocity.
  • The old man reminds the animals that velocity is the speed of something in a given direction.
  • The young teen reminds them that acceleration is the increase in the rate of speed of something.
  • The snake is slithering east through the field a 1 mph.
  • The rat has noticed the snake and is running away from his to the west at 2 meters per second
  • The man saw a boat go across the pond and it reminded him that speed is the rate at which something or someone is able to move or operate.
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