ELA project part 2
Updated: 11/11/2020
ELA project part 2

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  • Part 2
  • Err.. this is very out of my comfort zone but ill try.
  • 1: make sure you get peoples attention2: Make sure you make Kian suffer.
  • You MUST follow these rules, or else they just wont work.
  • Message sent
  • Kian is a CHEATER!!
  • To: The whole school
  • Alfred is the real hero!
  • No way! I thought he was smarter than that!
  • Alfred's Iphone
  • You did it!
  • Britney gives Alfred an idea. She wants him to sabotage Kian by posting something embarrassing about him online.
  • Alfred (with the help of Ally) told the whole school that Kian was a cheater on his homework. This made people furious. People are wanting Alfred to become the new popular guy because he exposed Kian. Kian is very angry.
  • Im gonna go get out of these clothes now.
  • I feel really bad about Kian, even though he's mean, i shouldn't have done that.
  • Yeah. Besides, i like my nerdy best friend better anyways :) Its more..you.
  • Yeah,, that was my idea. I'm sorry for getting you into that mess.
  • Britney and Ally congratulate Alfred on becoming something he has always wanted.
  • But Kian, he was meant to be popular. He was being himself, and i took that away from him.
  • I am sorry for letting you guys down. I was pretending to be someone im not, so that i could become popular.
  • He did the right thing.
  • Everyone in the school praises him and crowds around him! But, everyday, the more they do it, the more attention he gets. Alfred gets annoyed with this.
  • Alfred realizes that he does not like the attention and that it gets annoying after a while. He tells Britney that he feels bad about embarrassing Kian, and wants Kian to be popular again.
  • Alfred tells everyone that he should not have said those things about Kian. He told everyone that Kian should be the popular one, it suits him.
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