To Kill a Mockingbird Storyboard
Updated: 1/24/2020
To Kill a Mockingbird Storyboard
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  • Summers with Dill and Boo Radley
  • School
  • Boo Radley Communicates with the Kids
  • The first summer that Dill came, he became really obsessed with the stories of Boo Radley. He became curious as to what he looked like, so Dill, Scout, and Jem tried first to see through the window before almost dying to Nathan Radley. Since then, the three were obsessed with trying to see if Boo Radley exists or not.
  • Fire on Miss Maudie's House
  • On the first day of school, Scout met Miss Caroline, the new teacher for first grade. She told Scout that she's been taught how to read the wrong way, and told her to tell her father that he needs to stop reading to her. She argues saying that she learned to read all by herself, but that only gets her in trouble.
  • Christmas at Finch Landing
  • One day, Scout noticed there was some gum outside the Radley house in a tree. Jem warns her not to eat the gum, but she does anyway. After that, there were more gifts in the tree, including a ball of yarn, a watch, and a picture resembling Scout and Jem. The kids theorized that it was Boo Radley placing those gifts, and Jem got upset when Nathan cemented the knot in the tree shut.
  • Reading to Mrs. Dubose
  • Miss Maudie's house catches on fire, which causes a lot of commotion for the neighborhood. Atticus goes to Miss Maudie's to help fight the fire, and orders the Scout and Jem to stay where they were. Nathan Radley also helped out with the fire, which gave Boo Radley the opportunity to sneak out of the house and give Scout a blanket.
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