cyber bullying
Updated: 2/13/2020
cyber bullying

Storyboard Text

  • Hi my names max and let me tell you about cyber bullying.take a seat
  • Cyber-bullying is using digital communication tools like your phone or laptop to make people feel angry,sad,afraid,etc over the internet
  • If you or someone close to you are getting Cyber-bullied tell someone you trust and do not respond o anything he/she is saying even though it might be offensive.Now ill let you talk to Gandolf
  • Hello tiny person my name is Gandolf. Well I guess you know that because of my friend Jason.Well lets continue the talk about cyber-bullying
  • Although the person who is bullying you through the internet is saying harsh things about you don't forget bullies only bully people because they want to feel powerful
  • Instead of giving them what they want just ignore the the person and block the user from your social media or any other media they are using
  • Even though you might be uncomfortable or afraid to tell an adult they can be very supportive and helpful when it comes down to dealing with bullies trust me I know
  • Here are some tips for preventing cyber-bullying1. Don't respond2. Save the evidence3. Talk to a trusted adult4. Be civil5. Be a friend not a bystander
  • This was great fun teaching you now I have to go. Gandolf signing out