Mr.Police man

Updated: 9/17/2020
Mr.Police man

Storyboard Text

  • Another day, Same job.... Im Sam a police offficer .I walk around everyday and bend my morals in order to serve my country.
  • I walk around my area everyday and watch as i see many beautiful women hiding away and trying not to be seen.Like i said im not proud of the things ive done and seen however,I cant let my opinions takeover my job.
  • I rarely pay attention to the men so its like there not really there. I think its because i honesty feel for these poor women.
  • My mom has been through the consequences of being different of standing up to our government and she died...
  • because of this I try to help the women of the city as much as i can by "not noticing" things that other police would...
  • There is not a day where my mom is not in my mind ....especally because i see her in all the women i pass.