Web aware
Updated: 3/9/2021
Web aware

Storyboard Text

  • Emily, has got home. She goes online. Her computer has got an email, it is an email from natwest, her Mum's bank. Nothing to suspect, right?
  • Wrong! Emily should not be getting an email from her Mum's bank to her school email! There is a link, Emily clicks on it! That was a major no no! Emily should have suspected this email straightaway. We can all predict what happens next. Her computer flickers and goes off........it won't turn on!
  • Hey Mum, My computer has stopped. I'm not sure what i did. I mean last thing i remember i got an email from your bank and it went black!
  • Oh no! That will be Phishing Emily! I could teach you about that if you would like? We don't want it to happen again!
  • Good idea Mum!  Emily needs to know about viruses and phishing! Lets go!
  • Phishing is an act of stealing personal information, by tricking the user into thinking they are a legitimate website.
  • A Trojan Horse virus is a type of malware that misleads it's user of it's true intent.
  • Great work Mum! Emily will know what to do and how to be safe now! Time for tea!
  • Right, Emily. Spam is electronic junk mail, thousands get sent the same email. You need to delete this immediately!