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Updated: 3/11/2019
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  • The introduction presented the characters Whitney and Rainsford. Setting the scene, visibly in the distance a large island was described, as ''Ship-trap Island'', the intro, was presented in a positive manner in describing the the purpose of the expedition. Then Whitney continues to add contrast to the set positive scene by depicting the events and theories that surround this mysterious region.
  • Introduction
  • The yacht is sailing blissfully through the night as Rainsford is the only individual to be seen on deck, he reclines in his steamer chair, puffing on his favourite brier, as the evening continued to drift away, he was startled by a numerous amount of bangs, gunshots, he couldn't be mistaken. Hanging aboard the ship attempting to find a glance of the conflict, a slight bump of his brier and he's in the water. As the scene sets the foundation for the rising action, that is the reason I selected these moments in the passage.
  • Exposition
  • Rainsford manages to surpass the dangerous waters and discovers the dangerous island that the sailors and Whitney spoke of, begins to introduce what's to come as the grand climax.
  • Rising Action
  • Rains-ford is introduced to the general and his games, the tour of the house and introduction of his games. Character development for the general.
  • Climax
  • The ''game'' has begun and Rains-ford is fighting for his life against the general, the forest complements the scene, it's based in a man made arena that is covered in forestry and a close combat environment
  • Resolution
  • The final moments of the passage end in the generals bedroom/office and in my imagination as we we're reading, to me, I pictured a rustic book filled castle styled building and I personally thought it would suit the situation idealy.
  • Conclusion
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