Social Studies Project
Updated: 10/11/2018
Social Studies Project
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  • Bring me some more leather, this is a very important piece. Do you realize how valuable this is to the ruler?
  • I brought you some fine leather .
  • Why are they trading leather, and why is she talking about a ruler?
  • Why is he following us, He is  really weird and really suspicious.
  • Maybe he wants to join our civilization
  • These people are really cool, but I think that I want to still want to do my own ways, and plus these people are way to advanced for me.
  • Ya, we like to do thing in style. I also think that our ways are better than yours.
  • I think that you guys have a uniqe way of doing things but I think that my ways are so much more better.
  • Back then the neolithic people had more advanced civilizations and had an organized government, while the paleolithic people only had a few things, that made them hardly survive.
  • The neolithic people formed groups to have a more stable civilization, and the paleolithic people form groups just to hunt, that made their civilizations less stable than the neolithic people.
  • Back then the neolithic people and the paleolithic people stayed away from each other They never really try to become the other type. Both groups liked the way they did things, and would not want to change a thing about it. Each group had there own ways of doing things, but the neolithic people were just more organized, and were just more made up.
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