pride and prejudice 1
Updated: 3/18/2020
pride and prejudice 1

Storyboard Text

  • At Charles Bingley's party...
  • Would you dance with me , Jane?
  • Of course, Charles.
  • The next day, at charles' house...
  • Okay, I'll stay with you tonight, Jane.
  • Elizabeth, I'm feeling really sick! Please, stay with me tonight.
  • At the Bennet family's house...
  • I'm not marrying you, Mr. Collins!
  • I love you, Elizabeth! Will you marry me?
  • Please Elizabeth, marry me.
  • If Wickham says the truth, Darcy must be a horrible person!
  • Mr. Darcy has done terrible things to my family and to its money.
  • Dear friend Jane:My brother and I are leaving Netherfield Park, and we probably won't come back.Yours sincerely, Mrs Caroline.
  • That means I will never see Charles again? I'm so sad!
  • Of course I'm not marrying you, Mr. Darcy! You're a horrible person!