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Updated: 10/9/2020
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4 girls are in a group chat, 1 girls is really mean to another and says some not so nice stuff, the other girls say nothing and don't defend her. eventually the girl getting bullied works up the courage to tell a teacher and the teacher punishes all of the even the girls who didn't say anything because they didn't say anything.

Storyboard Text

  • After this bonnie is very distressed and doesn't know what to do, she is very hurt and wonders why the other girls said nothing. She then goes to sleep quite sad and thinks about what she should do.
  • GROUPCHAT MESSAGES(Bonnie, Lin, Kelsie, Penny)Bonnie- Hey guys whats happening Lin- go away bonnie i don't even know why your in this group chat anymore. Bonnie- oh um, i didn't know you guys hated me so much.....Lin- yeh why don't you just go die, no one wants you here. ..READ BY KELSIE AND PENNY..
  • The teacher gets the girls and has a conversation about what they said and how all of them were involved. He explains to them that stuff like that should never be said and how he is disappointed in Kelsie and Penny for not saying anything when it happened.
  • Bonnie gets up the courage and eventually tells her tecaher what happened
  • A week later Lin was asked to leave the school because what she said was very harmful in the chatroom. Kelsie and Penny were punished for by standing and letting the bullying continue . The girls came to say sorry to Bonnie because they know that they shouldn't have let Lin do that, bonnie forgave them and reasoned with them to at least be acquaintances again
  • if you ever need support for someone saying things like this online tell a trusted parent or teacher or contact the kids help line 
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