The passage of HeatHand
Updated: 12/19/2020
The passage of HeatHand

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  • Oh no I'm late
  • Eden had just received a notification. He had not realized it but he had spent a crazy time in panic troughout the house.
  • I have to hurry
  • Oh my God it was already 7:55 am !
  • Classes startred at 8 am and he was still at home. In any case, he would be late, but perhaps by rushing to be accepted in class.
  • Eden where were you ? Why are you late ?
  • LACK
  • Miss I'm so sorry for my delay, look at my hands I no longer have my hands I was looking fot them and I did not see the time pass !
  • 1 = x 2x = ?3x + 4x = ?
  • Eden even forgot her hand problem and foccused on her presence in class.
  • He didn’t live that far from is school and running he was only 15 minutes late.
  • What did I tell my teacher.
  • He really hoped that this teacher would accept and believe him.
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