Phormio Act 5

Updated: 5/19/2020
Phormio Act 5

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  • Stilpo, I have grave news for you. As a poor woman, I only did what felt natural to me, I married the girl to Antipho.
  • This was all done so that her lover could have her without a dowry, but this has enraged the father of Antipho.
  • As the situation is extremely tense, for now, let us keep my daughter's identify secret.
  • Hello Sophrona! Is that you? Let's talk over there as to not disclose my other name.
  • What is going on? I believe that that what we have right now is fine.
  • Well, it turns out that my daughter is married to your son.
  • Chremes, I have just found out that the girl is related to us, she's a relative of ours!
  • I already transferred the money to the creditors. How about I marry the girl instead?
  • Not to mention, I know a woman whose husband...Nausistrata!
  • What?! Please take the money, but don't tell anyone about it.
  • You arrogant vagabond, stop provoking us and give us the money.
  • To summarize, Chremes secretly married in Lemnos and had a daughter.
  • He spouts lies, do not listen to him! Please have patience.
  • Who called for me? What's going on?
  • Poor me! I've done everything I can for the family and this is the result.
  • I am Phormio, a friend to your family and especially Phaedria
  • I would simply like to be invited to dinner and as for Phaedria, I'll have him here right away
  • As for your kind deed, I will do anything to fulfill your wishes
  • You, tell me your name.
  • The End!By: Vijay Koduri and Kenneth Yao