Updated: 2/11/2021

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  • First day at Sacred Hearts Highschool after the winter break
  • God, I'm so tired....
  • Same!!
  • I'm so hyped 2 see everyone again!
  • if you're going, Spence and me are going, too!
  • liz is confronting regina, the popular bully
  • yo, Liz! You going to the winterball 2day?
  • STFU, Regina.
  • the winterball? I doubt u have anything 2 wear that isn't cringey haha
  • after school
  • yeah, we're definitely going 2 the ball.. I'm already gettin' ready. See u there, alright?
  • liz talking to her friend spence on the phone about the winterball tonight.....
  • at the winterball
  • Regina, nobody likes u. Nobody cares about u and ur fake little shallow life. So get on w your selfesteem issues and stop bothering me.
  • she really exposed her like that lmao
  • the end...
  • and the night goes on....