Communicating Result to Parents
Updated: 1/13/2020
Communicating Result to Parents
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This is the strip for Module 5, Unit 3, Activity 2 for Suili Su and Laura Martin

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  • I am sure it is fine. It is not the first time she called us to say something good about Ella.
  • Communicating overall academic progress and performance of a student who has not been performing to the level of his/her capacity
  • Is everything okay ?
  • The teacher called. She wants to see all of us tomorrow.
  • Hello, welcome Mr. and Mrs. Potter. How was your vacation to Rome? Did you have a good time?
  • Thank you, we had a fantastic time. Is everything okay with Ella?
  • Hello Ms. Jenny, how are you?
  • First, I would like to say that really impress with the progress that Ella has shown in her social skills.
  • I think working at it at home and talking about it has help a lot. Thank you for telling us how to help her in your email.
  • Yes, she said the other day that she has a lot of new friends. She wants to invite them all home.
  • As you can see in her report, her grades have gone down in the last few weeks. Don´t worry because I am sure there is a reason why that is happening and we are going to find it.
  • Now, we have to talk about one thing that concerns me. Ella is not performing at the level she is used to academically.
  • I am sorry
  • Yes, we have some family staying with us, and they are staying in her room. She might not be getting enough sleep.
  • Can you think of anything that has change lately at home?
  • Are you more tired that normal, Ella?
  • They are going to stay in our room from now on, so you can get more sleep at night. I am sorry we didn´t notice, Ella.
  • Yes
  • I am glad we get to find a solution. I know Ella and I knew something was not right.
  • I will keep you inform on how things are going. If you have any question give me a call. Also, please don´t forget to read around 20 minutes every night before going to bed. That would help to set a good bed night routine and it will help her with her reading.
  • Thank you!
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