Bandit 2
Updated: 2/10/2020
Bandit 2

Storyboard Text

  • Once they arrive in the southern kingdom, their friendship has grown stronger. They devise a plan to sneak their way into the castle and try to find information about where the summoning is taking place.
  • However, when Alia goes to their meeting spot, Austyn doesn’t show. Alia is knocked out and kidnapped.
  • She wakes up in this cellar room, the Prince is standing there with Austyn beaten and bloody. The prince laughs in their face and gives his side of the story he wants to overrule to world and restart fresh resulting in the murdering of millions.
  • He commences his ritual to rise the dark lord, and Austyn before passing out throws the potion in the middle of the sigil and Alia screams the line of the spell. The prince screams in outrage and a huge explosion stops the summoning.
  • Alia wakes up coughing and bleeding after being thrown across the room from the explosion. The prince by the wall with a large gash on his head, dead. Alia runs to Austyn dragging him out of the palace before they are discovered. They have to sneak out and make it back to their northern home.
  • Both bandits are rewarded for saving the world. They have a new sense of virtues and the importance of starting fresh. The two bandits learn to use their skills and freedom to adventure around the world and help people in need.