The bandits
Updated: 2/6/2020
The bandits

Storyboard Text

  • Alia finally becoming captured after her years on the run. The king’s royal guards, hands tightly clenched on Alia’s arms, careful to not let go of this sneaky bandit. The guards carry her to the center of the greathall of the king’s castle
  • The king greets her and Austyn the Rouge, another powerful bandit. The King informs the history of the southern kingdom and their long dream of wanting to overrule the surrounding civilizations andtake over the world. He chose Alia and Austyn to infiltrate the southern kingdom in secret and put a stop to summoning the dark lord
  • If they do this for him, he promises the two bandits everlasting freedom and a sum of money. Alia agrees to have a fresh start and is tired of running. Austyn agrees for the money. They are supplied with weapons, food, and instructions to visit a witch for help in stopping the dark lord.
  • Alia and Austyn bump heads in the beginning and vow to hate each other. Alia hates how egotistical Austyn is. Austyn believing that Alia is no use to the journey. Alia wont share her story of why she wants freedom. Austyn wanting money and to be wellknown as a bandit.
  • Along their journey they run into a group of bandits that want Austyn dead due to killing one of their members. The bandits try to kill both of them, but are defeated by Austyn and Alia as they fight and work together. Alia learns that Austyn killed the member after putting in danger a close friend of his.
  • They arrive at the witch’s lair and are greated by a wise witch. Who reveals apart of Alia's past of stealing. Mostly to provided for her family and survive. The witch informs them the histroy of summoning a dark lord and gives them a spell and potion inorder to stop the summoning.