Grendel Story Board
Updated: 11/2/2020
Grendel Story Board

Storyboard Text

  • Hrothgar:We all live so happily in this hall! My men and I are filled with joy listening to the harp's rejoicing and the clear songs!
  • The Wrath of Grendel
  • Grendel (from the below in the swamps): I am jealous!! I want him and his men dead. Matter of fact that is what I am going to do!
  • Hrothgar's men: I am filled with happiness in this hall!!
  • Beowulf: "We are Geats,/ Men who follow Higlac. My father/ Was a famous soldier, known far and wide/ As a leader of men" (page 24 lines 174-176).
  • The Coming of Beowulf
  • Hrothgar's Lieutenant: "Whose soldiers are you,/ You who've been carried in your deep-keeled ship/ Across the sea-road to this country of mine?" (page 24, lines 152-153).
  • **ON LAND**
  • The Battle with Grendel
  • Beowulf: You will not be defeated my me, you evil monster! You have come here for a fight but you belong in the swamps!! Even better yet, you deserve to be dead!!
  • We will see about that.....
  • Grendel: You know nothing! You have no power! No strength! No grit! I will kill you. You can put up a fight but I am GRENDEL! No One beats me!!
  • LATER ON...Grendel is dead
  • The Monster Grendel has lived a lonely and sad life living in the Swamps of the Spear-Danes. He lived "down / In the darkness, growled in pain, impatient/ As day after day the music rang" (page 19, lines 1-3). Grendel slowly becomes the evil of the town because of his urge to kill and murder Hrothgar and his men. One night, Grendel "slipped through the door and there in silence/ Snatched up thirty men, smashed them/ Unknowing in their beds and ran out with their bodies" (page 21, lines 36-39). Grendel becomes the conflict of the story and will eventually create the climax. The Monster quickly became the hot topic of Hrothgar and his men, and Hrothgar felt a sense of misery seeing the death of some of his men. He wanted to stop Grendel.
  • Beowulf hears about the monster Grendel's actions and immediately wants to take action to help Hrothgar. Beowulf and fourteen other Geats set sail across sea. When Beowulf first arrives, he is greeted by Hrothgar's lieutenent questioning him and asking who he is. Beowulf explains he is the son of Edgetho, a famous soldier, a relative of Hrothgar, and says that they are here to help kill the evil Grendel. Once Beowulf explains, the Lieutenant brings hims up to Hereto to meet Hrothgar. Beowulf explains he is ready to help murder Grendel. The plot here thickens as the climax of the battle between Grendel and Beowulf is just about to begin. (evidence is in the image for this cell).
  • Shortly after Beowulf's arrival, "Grendel came, hoping to kill/ Anyone he could trap on this trip to high Herot" (page 27, lines 285-286). Grendel made his way up from the swampland into Herot convinced to murder. Grendel began fighting Beowulf and was at first shocked by the strength and Beowulf held. After a while, Grendel/ Saw that his strength was deserting him, his claws/ Bound fast" (page 29, lines 384-385) and "his power had gone. He twisted in pain" (page 30, lines 387). The battled had ended. Beowulf had defeated Grendel. The Danes were delighted and laughed with joy. Grendel's arm was hung from the rafters to mark proof of the unforgettable fight.