Middle Ages
Updated: 1/29/2021
Middle Ages

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  • When most of the political leaders were killed off and courts were shut down, now one was being charged for their wrongdoings. This caused anarchy across Europe. With no order, flagellants challenged the authority of the church by beating themselves and others. There was much bloodshed.
  • Starting at the catastrophic arrival of the Black Plague in 1346, people all around my city of Florence, Italy became deathly ill.
  • 2 months after arrival of the plague my children and wife became ill. They were inflicted with fever, vomiting, bulbils, and purple and blue blotches on their skin.
  • By the spring/summer of 1348 half of the cities population was killed, including my wife and children. The city now looks deserted an everyone is in hiding.
  • Because of the overwhelming amount of death because of the plague, many peasants, including me, were left with an abundance of land. With this, I grew richer and richer. But with this came severe disruptment of the social order in England.
  • Culturally, at the end of the plague in 1720, peasantry and serfdom in Europe were not there. Severe depopulation of people from villages or cities caused shortages in agricultural labors, furthermore shortening the need for peasants. However, with extreme loss of life, there was an abundance of goods, decrease in prices, and a surplus of jobs that had higher wages.
  • Because of my riches I was able to learn to paint. Now, I sell many of my original works to nobels.