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The war
Updated: 5/21/2020
The war
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  • Archduke Ferdinand is assassinated
  • The USA join the war
  • The germans have sunk a passenger ship full of civilians and now mexico are trying to attack this means war!
  • The Allies
  • VS 
  • Archduke franz ferdinand was assassinated y a man from the black hand gang, this then sparked an invasion of the surrounding lands.
  • Wepons
  • After an american passenger ship was sunk by the germans they tried to get the mexicans to fight the americans, in the end america joined the war.
  • The sides were now decided and they were ready to fight the russians on the eastern front and the british on the western front
  • Germany's payment
  • we blame you for the war so you should pay us and give us all you u boats
  • Weapons and strategies were getting more advanced, things like trench warfare had just been introduced as well as grenades and mustard gas, it was likely you would die in the trenches
  • Germany sigh a peace treaty with russia that will stop the fighting however the war is not over yet the reason they had surrendered , they were losing and the rest of the central powers were defeated
  • The americans wanted payment so they got all of the u boats and had somrrules put in place to try to prevent this from happining agian.
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