food stamps
Updated: 11/25/2019
food stamps

Storyboard Text

  • Hi! I'm Karen and these are my kids Kayla and Jack. We are currently homeless due to my low income and losing my old job recently, we dont have enough money to buy food and we stay in a homeless shelter
  • Food Stamps (SNAP)
  • Hmmm food stamps might be a good idea, we dont have any money to buy food
  • I started a new job while the kids are at school to make some money so we arent completely broke.
  • Hi! Welcome to the cafe! How may I help you?
  • I'm so hungry
  • We dont have enough money to buy lunch
  • $2.00 per meal
  • Food stamps (SNAP)
  • My job doesnt support me and my kids so I have to get food stamps to pay for food
  • Food stamps have allowed us to save more of my income and over 6 months we have saved enough to rent an apartment.