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Where are you? storyboard 2
Updated: 10/11/2019
Where are you? storyboard 2
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Storyboard Text

  • 35 minutes later.......
  • time goes by, what's happened?......
  • Nina starts to get worried about where Leanne is, she texts her but doesn't get a reply, she assumes she missed the bus so she's walking. this is going to be a wide shot of Nina and her surroundings and then a close up shot of her typing quickly texting leanne. there will be background noise of people talking and cars going past.
  • A figure is hiding behind a tree looking in Leanne's direction, the camera angle is over the shoulder then pans down quickly to the figures side and he has a knife in a tight grip. they sound of the trees and Leanne's footsteps are the only thing to be Hurd.
  • Leanne spots the figure coming towards her at a fast rate and couldn't think before the figure grabbed her and puller her away, she tries to scream but the only sound is a muffled scream. the camera angle will be a over the shoulder of the figure walking towards leanne quickly then pan out to a wide shot of her being pulled away. the sounds in the background will be sounds of a muffled voice and footsteps trying to get grip on the ground.
  • Nina gets extremely worried and texts Leanne over and over again. this is going to be a close up shot of Ninas phone texting Leanne. and the sounds are going to be deep breathing of Nina getting worried and cars going past and other conversations.
  • Leanne gets attacked by the figure and she falls to the floor fighting to get up but nothing works, her phone drops on the floor and she screams then she falls to the floor with her hand next to her phone. this will be a close up of leanne fighting to get away from the Mystery figure, then it will cut to a extreme close up of leanne phone lighting up with messages from Nina then it will be a sharp fast cut to Leanne's hand falling to the floor then a pan up to the trees.
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