The Breadwinner
Updated: 1/31/2020
The Breadwinner
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  • Main Characters
  • Setting
  • Conflict
  • The main characters in The Breadwinner were: Parvana (Ellis 15), Nooria (Ellis 19), mother (Ellis 24), father (Ellis 15), Maryam (Ellis 24), and Mrs. Weera (Ellis 55).
  • Theme
  • We will die, Parvana if you don't help out.
  • The Breadwinner takes place at the market where her father is trying to sell and translate letters to earn money (Ellis 16). The main locations where this book takes place is at the market and her tiny room-house.
  • Social Issue
  • ( Mother) Parvana, Nooria can't do it, so you need to do it. (Nooria) do it, Parvana.
  • One of the many conflicts are when she has to be a boy to save her family or else everyone will die (Ellis 62). He father had gotten arrested and now she can't do this alone (Ellis 34).
  • Symbols
  • One of the themes in this book is that you shouldn't give up. When Parvana was asked to be a boy, she never gave up (Ellis 64). She needed to do this. If she didn't, she could've lost her family forever.
  • The biggest issue in The Breadwinner is being a boy. It is hard to change to a boy immediately after your father has gotten arrested (Ellis 65).
  • The window woman's gifts that she dropped from her window was a symbol because it showed that Parvana deserved it and that she worked hard. Now, we don't know who the window woman was, but she was important (Ellis 85).
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