Refusal skills- party edition
Updated: 2/12/2021
Refusal skills- party edition

Storyboard Description

Stephanie goes to a party and gets pressured into having a drink, what will she say?

Storyboard Text

  • no thank you, im not really into drinking.
  • hey, want anything to drink? you'll have more fun!
  • im good, i told you i don't really like to drink, ill have some cake tho!
  • cmon, just one drink, nodody's even gonna know.
  • no, i just told yo- hold on my phone is ringing
  • bro, whats wrong with you? why cant u just have a drink? u scared or something?
  • OMG, i had no clue, i'll be right home mom
  • wait, were are you going?
  • sorry i have to go, family emergency. see ya!
  • wait!
  • By: Stephanie Lawnicki 4th hour