Gutenbergs Printing Press
Updated: 2/8/2020
Gutenbergs Printing Press

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  • Before Gutenberg's printing press the world of religion used to depend on priests to tell them what was written in the bible.
  • The world of medicine back then didn't progress due to the lack of knowledge and understanding coming from books and ideas people shared through them.
  • This is the printing press used to print copies faster then carving out the letters. This was also the first arrangeable letter printer allowing fixable mistakes.
  • With the printing press creating easy to get books the more people began to sell books to the public and to those who never learned how to read. Thus the people began to learn to read.
  • After Gutenberg's printing press was used more frequently people were often found with at least one book. Most of the time people bought the bible to read for themselves.
  • Now-a-days we get to read a book whenever because it is very common to have one in your house but still even if we don't have books we still can read everyday things like magazines.