Roll of thunder chapt 11
Updated: 2/13/2020
Roll of thunder chapt 11

Storyboard Text

  • Roll of thunderhear my cry over the waterbye and byeOle man comin'down the lineWhip in hand to beat me down .But I ain't gonna let himTurn me' rpound
  • Cassie can not sleep and Mr Morrison singing on the porch ,waiting for the storm.Then she hears and odd tapping.
  • Stacey ask"What happening?"
  • T.J. said:"The Simms brothers and me went to the store on Strawberry to bay a revolver that they wanted.But the store was closed and the brothers decided to sneak in and steal it."I did not want ,but they did" and Mr. Barnett ,the owner,struggled with R.W. and he hit Mr Barnett in the head ,knocking him unconscious.His wife appeared and screamed,R.W. slapped her,she fell and hit her head and did not move.When I threatened to tell everyone what they did,they beat mean.