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The Brain Comic
Updated: 9/2/2020
The Brain Comic
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  • The temporal lobe is one of the four major lobes of the cerebral cortex. It is the lower lobe of the cortex, sitting close to ear level within the skull. The temporal lobe is largely responsible for creating and preserving both conscious and long-term memory.
  • This is a Brain and The different colors label the different parts.
  • cerebellum
  • The cerebellum is a major structure of the hindbrain that is located near the brainstem. This part of the brain is responsible for coordinatin voluntary movements. It is also responsible for a number of functions including motor skills such as balance, coordination, and posture.
  • frontal lobe
  • The frontal lobe is the part of the brain that controls important cognitive skills in humans, such as emotional expression, problem solving, memory, language, judgment, and sexual behaviors. It is, in essence, the “control panel” of our personality and our ability to communicate.
  • The parietal lobe is one of the major lobes in the brain, roughly located at the upper back area in the skull. It processes sensory information it receives from the outside world, mainly relating to touch, taste, and temperature. Damage to the parietal lobe may lead to dysfunction in the senses.
  • temporal lobe
  • occipital lobe
  • The occipital lobe is the visual processing center of the mammalian brain containing most of the anatomical region of the visual cortex.
  • parietal lobe
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