Sports marketing
Updated: 3/12/2020
Sports marketing

Storyboard Text

  • Yes I am looking for a soccer ball
  • Hi is there anything you need help with today
  • 1
  • This is a new soccer ball and I think that it would be great for what you are looking for
  • 2
  • how much does it cost?
  • It cost $20
  • 3
  • Great I will buy it
  • Okay we can go to the check out
  • 4
  • Email Hi Stacey I am checking up with you to see how you like the soccer ball you bought last week? Please email me back with any information or go take the survey on our website
  • 5
  • The order goes from left to right and the top row first1. Approach2. Demonstration3. Answering Questions4. Closing the sale5. Follow up