Project sport
Updated: 3/12/2020
Project sport

Storyboard Text

  • Five minutes Later
  • Approach
  • Yeah! I play at my high school. I'm looking for something to practice with.
  • Hi there! I see that you're looking at the newest basketball! Do you play?
  • Demostration
  • Sweet! I'll follow you.
  • Awesome! It's a great basketball for that. Let me show you some hoops I can shoot with it.
  • Answering questions
  • I really like this ball, however my main concern is that it won't be durable enough.
  • Five minutes later
  • I hear you, however I have personally had this ball before and it lasted over five years .
  • Okay. You won me over!
  • Closing
  • Great! Would you like to buy a jersey with it?
  • Follow up
  • Oh wow! Thanks!
  • Oh Hi! I appreciate the call! The ball is great!
  • Hi! This is Bill calling from Bill's Sports Shop. How are you liking the basketball!?
  • That's wonderful! I would like to offer you a 10% coupon the next time you come in!