The Forest Monster

Updated: 5/19/2020
The Forest Monster

Storyboard Text

  • As they ventured deeper into the forest, dread started to set in for Jack. He began speaking of monsters and scary creatures. Peter also felt like they were being watched.
  • Jack and Peter kept walking until the branches ended. “Alright,” whispered Peter “lets keep going.” Jack answered “I guess we have to.”
  • As they continued walking, they both became increasingly uneasy. “Do you have any idea where we're going? I feel like we’re just walking in circles.” asked Jack. “I don’t really know, but let’s just keep walking.” answered Peter.
  • As they kept walking, their uneasiness grew. Jack jumped at every noise, and Peter could not shake the feeling that they were being watched. And as they traveled deeper into the forest, they realized they were completely lost.
  • “Do you know where we are?” questioned Jack. “Um, nope.” sighed Peter. “Well, that’s just perfect.” said Jack in response.