The Intruders and Mrs. Squeak
Updated: 11/5/2018
The Intruders and Mrs. Squeak
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I turned to go towards my horse, but it was too late. One of the strange men spotted me and started running in my direction. Panicked and startled, I ran towards the woods. Not knowing where I was going, I ran until my legs couldn't run anymore. It was sunset when I finally stopped to catch my breath. I looked around but saw nothing. No one was chasing me anymore. I gasped in relief and collapsed on a log. I took in my surroundings. Nothing looked familiar. Shaking, I got up and stumbled through the woods, not wanting to believe that I was lost. Suddenly, I saw something in the distance. I picked up the pace. Hoping there was someone who could help me. As I cam closer I realized it was an old, run-down cabin. Hoping to find some refuge I stumbled towards the cabin. Will she find help? Is it safe? Will she be lost forever? Keep reading to find out!
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